A downloadable game for Windows

2nd place winner of the Winter 2020 ICT Game Jam

It's the end of the world! You (and your neighbors) are the only healthy people left in the country. To avoid the Plague, you have all met up at the airport seeking the last flight out of the country - to Greenland. Avoid the coughing and vomiting masses, grab the last plane ticket, fight off your cretin neighbors, and board the plane to avoid catching the TERMINAL ILLNESS!

How to play:

Requires a gamepad.  Use the left thumbstick to move, A to sprint, X to shove (while healthy), and X to vomit (when infected).

All players start as healthy.  By touching an infected NPC or player, they become infected.  Once infected, a player has effectively lost; they can only hope to make everyone else lose too.   Healthy players can shove other players (healthy or infected), stunning them.  They can also shove luggage, which will start rolling and stun any players it comes into contact with.

Infected NPCs and players can vomit, leaving a trail behind them.  This slows (but does not infect) healthy players.  Vomiting, sprinting, and shoving all use stamina, represented by the bar above each player's head.

Once the plane arrives, a healthy player can win the game by grabbing the plane ticket and leaving through one of the four doors at the top of the map.  A healthy player can steal the plane ticket from another player by shoving them.


Terminal Illness.zip 22 MB

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